It’s that time of year again when the rich, famous and fashion forward don their best and head to the tents for fashion week, and me? Well I’m sitting at home, refreshing my tumblr feed and crying because I am a million miles away.


Instagram Recap: August

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4. Street art near Glasgow Uni | 5. Daisy by Marc Jacobs Review
6. My name is Kat and I'm an Animal Crossing addict | 7. MAC lipstick collection
8. Fishtailing things up | 9. Essie's "Matte About You" | 10. Kick-Ass 2 was kickass
11. Team Rocket up to no good as always | 12. Missing Cala D'or
13. Recapping my first month of New Leaf 14. Pull&Bear package arrived
15. My tumblr is cuter than yours | 16. Pink Carnations are my favourite


Matte About You

Last month I purchased Essie's Matte About You top coat after getting inspired to paint my nails matte black by one of Kendall Jenner's instagram posts. Matte About You is only £8.99 from Boots and gives a great matte effect to any nail polish. I personally love the matte black look and even decided to experiment with it further by putting a coat of Barry M's cracked nail effect in black over it to give a more textured look.


MAC Lipstick Collection

As my MAC lipstick collection continues to grow, I decided to do a quick collection post to show off the shades I currently own. I was never a big fan of lipsticks, or any lip products, until I got my first MAC lipstick under a year ago and now I own quite a few.
"Please Me"
This was my first MAC lipstick and I got it for christmas last year from my aunt. Please Me is a matte muted-rosy-tinted pink.
My second MAC lipstick was also a gift, this time from my Mum and as an early birthday present. Hue is a glaze in a soft pale pink.
"Crème Cup"
When I went on holiday to Mallorca this year I picked up my third MAC lipstick in duty free at Glasgow airport. Crème Cup is a light pink with blue tones and is a cremesheen.
"Russian Red"
Shortly after returning from my holiday I went into MAC in town and picked up my fourth lipstick, this time going for a brighter shade. Russian Red is a matte lipstick in an intense bluish-red.
"Sunny Seoul"
At the end of July I picked up my fifth and newest MAC lipstick. Sunny Seoul is a limited edition frosted light pink with warm undertones and a luminous finish.


Marc Jacobs Daisy

I’ve never been big on perfume… I’ve been doing a rotation of Paco Rabanne BlackXS and Chanel No.5 since the beginning of high school (six years ago…) and this summer I decided it what time to shake things up. So during my time in duty free before I went on holiday to Mallorca this summer I decided to find a new perfume and was instantly drawn to the famous Daisy by Marc Jacobs - however I did not purchase it, knowing I could find it cheaper elsewhere. Later on the plane however I found the Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine edition within the inflight magazine for the lowest price I had seen yet and so my mum treated me to it. Since then I have fallen in love with this perfume and have worn it everyday. 
Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine is a playful floral and fruity fragrance, perfect for the summer and is bolder and fruiter than the classic Daisy Eau So Fresh. The bottle is also much more colourful and energetic, with the lid made up of large pink, orange, green and purple flowers and comes in a white box with similar flowers bordering the sides. The perfume is intoxicating, uplifting scent with the hint of jasmine petals and the sweetness of apple blossom and strawberry.

Top Notes: Strawberry, Apple Blossom, Pink Grapefruit 
Mid Notes: Jasmine Petals, Day Lily, Rose 
Base Notes: Violet Leaf, White Oak Moss, Amber Wood

If you are looking for a new summer scent, I’d definitely recommend this!


Instagram Recap: July


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15. Took a trip up to Alcúdia on the last day | 16. Katching up with the Kardashians
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